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Co-parenting and Parenting Plan Consultation

What is Co-parenting consultation?

Co-parenting consultation is a future-oriented, solution-focused process. During co-parenting consultation sessions, Dr. Kelly provides coaching to help parents transition to new ways of working together and navigate the challenges of raising happy well-adjusted children in two stable homes.

Consultation sessions are tailored to meet the specific needs of your family. Dr. Kelly will initially meet with you and your co-parent to learn about your goals and priorities. This first session can be individual meetings for each co-parent or a together meeting with both co-parents, depending on your preferences. For subsequent meetings, you and your co-parent will typically meet jointly with Dr. Kelly. With her assistance you move forward building a successful co-parenting relationship and caring for your children.

Co-Parenting consultation is a good option for parents who are at any stage of separation and divorce or post-separation and post-divorce. Consultation services are most appropriate for co-parents who are committed to working cooperatively together or are experiencing mild to moderate levels of conflict. For co-parents experiencing higher levels of conflict, Parenting Coordination may be a more appropriate option. 

What is Parenting Plan consultation?

Parenting plan consultation focuses specifically on helping newly separating or divorcing parents build their parenting plan. During parenting plan consultation meetings, Dr. Kelly can provide education, guidance, and resources to assist parents with developing or revising their parenting plan.

Parenting plan consultation is available to parents who would like to work on their parenting plan together or to one parent, individually.

Please note, consultation services are not covered by insurance. For Dr. Kelly’s consultation fees, please contact our office.

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