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Family Mediation

What is mediation?

Family mediation is a voluntary and confidential process during which a neutral, trained mediator helps people reach agreements on any issues related to their family law action.

The mediator’s role is to facilitate discussion regarding each mediation participant’s concerns and goals, help explore possible options for settlement, and find areas of agreement that are acceptable to participants.

What to expect?

Mediation sessions may be held in person or virtually. Each mediation participant will make the decision about whether to meet in person or virtually with their attorney prior to any mediation sessions occurring.

Mediation sessions can be scheduled for varying lengths of time and can occur in one or more scheduled mediation sessions. During mediation, participants have the option of meeting together in one room or privately in separate rooms. Whether virtually or in-person, the mediator will have the ability to meet with participants privately and together.

How do I to get started with Family Mediation?

Typically, mediation participants will agree upon their mediator through their lawyers. Lawyer offices will then contact the mediator’s office to schedule the mediation and will prepare a formal Notice of Mediation. Please note that Dr. Kelly is available for family law mediation services only to individuals represented by legal counsel.


Dr. Kelly’s fees for family mediation are $250 per 60 minutes with a minimum of two hours scheduled for each mediation session.

Neutral Facilitation

For individuals seeking a neutral facilitator to address specific needs, please contact our office directly for more information.  Dr. Kelly is available to provide facilitation services for individuals and teams.

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